Update from Church Wood

Update from Church Wood, Cheshire from Graham Sweet, volunteer at Church Wood Conservation Group.

Church Wood got off fairly lightly from the storms so far this year. Two large oak trees were blown over, but they are gradually being cut up for firewood for the volunteers. One other oak had to be felled as that had been condemned in an earlier survey, this gave one of our volunteers who has recently completed a chain saw course (paid for by Woodland Trust funds) good practice.

Church wood

Of course we are replanting in open spaces and the recently planted area of about 2/3 acre is generally going well with English oak, hornbeam, field maple, guelder rose, sweet chestnut and copper beech. About 6 of these trees have failed so will need replacing but that is to be expected with all new plantings.

For more information about Church Wood:

Church wood
church wood


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